Campsite rules:

In the interest of the common good, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Access to the campsite is permitted only after registration. Permanent campers, holiday guests and their visitors are obliged to register their stay at the reception desk . For the registration formalities we need your passport or identity card, plate number, mobile phone number and an e-mail address.
  2. When you are registered you will receive a confirmation of registration on which you will find your personal data as well as the pitch assigned to you. Please inform us immediately if you want to change something. Do not move to your pitch, before you have consulted a member of the campsite staff. Changes of pitch are only permitted with the approval of the reception staff or the site manager!
  3. Prices are shown on the current price list, which hangs out on the information board at the reception.
  4. It is absolutely necessary to keep your pitch clean. It is not permitted to dig trenches or install fences. It is not permitted to stretch washing lines or ropes, ribbons, cables, etc. between trees, caravans or tents (danger of injury!).
  5. In order to protect the grass on the pitches, no plastic foil, tarpaulin or similar may be placed in the awning or under the canopy with the exception of water- and air-permeable mats, or carpets.
  6. Open fires are prohibited throughout the campsite and on the riverbank. Barbecues are only permitted on your own pitch and with respect for other guests! (Only gas-, charcoal and electric barbecues are allowed).
  7. Night‘s rest is from 10.00 p.m to 07.00 a.m, siesta from 12.00 noon to 02.00  p.m. In the interest of all guests, please do not make any noise that disturbs the peace during this time (for instance lawn mowing, loud music, etc.). An exception is made for work carried out by camping or municipal employees. Violations of the rest periods can lead to immediate expulsion from the campsite.
  8. The opening hours of the reception are seasonal and can be found on the reception window.
  9. Motor vehicles may only drive on the paved roads at walking pace. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to drive your vehicle only when it is absolutely necessary.
  10. Dogs are permitted on the campsite under the following conditions:

  – They must be registered at the reception desk.

  – They must be kept on a leash at all times, also on your own pitch.

  – Owners must ensure that dogs do not walk on other people’s pitches.

  – Dogs excrements must be removed immediately by the owner.

  – According to the municipal regulations, and statutes, the “muzzle  obligation” applies to fighting dogs.

       (Dog waste bags are available at all campsite entrances and exits,

        a dog meadow is located behind the group- and youth area).

  1. We have special areas provided for ball games – please use them.
  2. Chemical toilets and waste water may not be disposed of in the wash basins. Please use the disposal facilities in or near the sanitary buildings. A service station for campers/mobile homes is located next to the reception and behind the large playground at the main entrance.
  3. Cleanliness and order is very important to us. However, your help is indispensable so that the efforts of our cleaning staff are not in vain. We therefore ask you to leave the sanitary facilities free of dirt, empty toiletries, etc. We would like to point out that smoking in the sanitary facilities is not allowed, as well as bringing in glass bottles with drinks and glasses. Children under the age of 6 may only use the sanitary facilities if accompanied by an adult, dogs are not allowed inside the sanitary buildings!
  4. Water is a precious commodity. Use it sparingly in every situation and please explain this to your children as well.
  5. Please inform us of your departure one day in advance and pay the invoice at the sametime. If this is not possible due to circumstances, then pay before 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure. If the pitch has not been vacated by 12.00 noon on the day of departure, we will have to charge for an additional day. If there is a subsequent reservation on the pitch, departure before 12.00 noon is obligatory.
  6. The instructions of the staff must be followed at all times.
  7. The separation of waste is obligatory. Household waste, paper, yellow bag (plastic, aluminium, cans) and organic waste may only be disposed separately at the designated collection points. A special container is available for glass; dumping or leaving bulky waste is prohibited. Information about this can be found at reception desk or on the info boards.
  8. Traders, peddlers and other people who want to sell something on the campsite are not allowed.
  9. The campsite management (or reception staff) have the right to deny access to the campsite to anyone or to remove guests from the campsite if they deem it necessary.
  10. In case of serious or recurring violations of the campsite regulations, as well as in case of causing any kind of damage, the campsite manager may require guests to leave the campsite immediately!

21. Please do not walk on the pitches of other campers.


Echternacherbrück den 01.03.2022


The campsite management



Campingpark Echternacherbrück,

Mindener Straße 18,

D-54668 Echternacherbrück

Tel. no.: +49 6525 340



Emergency numbers:

Rescue service/emergency doctor: 112

Fire brigade: 112

Police: 110

Medical on-call service: 116117